Image of EU-MDG’s Initiative

EU-MDG’s Initiative

The project is funded by the EU and is aimed at improving food security and reducing hunger in the intervention areas; thereby contributing to the Gambia’s achievement of MDG 1c. It has two components, the first is production enhancement under... Learn More
Image of Response to the 2011-2012 crop failure

Response to the 2011-2012 crop failure

The Gambia was severely hit by drought in 2011/12 resulting in both an important decline of local cereal production and hikes in staple cereal prices on local markets. The local cereal production in 2011/12 was 70% as compared to 2010/2011... Learn More
Image of Global Climate Change Alliance support

Global Climate Change Alliance support

The overall objective of the Global Climate Change Alliance support project is to contribute to the capability of the government and people of the Gambia to adapt to increased climate variability and change. The specific objectives are: (i) to strengthen... Learn More
Image of Support to The Gambia’s National Transport Plan

Support to The Gambia’s National Transport Plan

The general framework of the 9th EDF NIP for The Gambia establishes an overall objective of equitable and balanced economic growth and social development. The improvement of the country’s national and regional road network is of great importance as it... Learn More
Image of Rural Water Supply Sector Support (RWSSS)

Rural Water Supply Sector Support (RWSSS)

The 9th EDF Country Strategy Paper (CSP) for The Gambia has identified two focal sectors. These are rural development and transport. One of the main objectives within the rural development sector is to improve socio-economic development, with a particular emphasis... Learn More
Image of Non-State Actors Strengthening Programme

Non-State Actors Strengthening Programme

The Cotonou Agreement foresees an important role for civil society actors in national development processes across a broad range of policy areas, particularly in the fields of poverty reduction, sustainable development, human rights and good governance. This recognition was further... Learn More
Image of Governance Programme

Governance Programme

Governance is one of two focal sectors funded by the EU in The Gambia under the Country Support Strategy for the period 2008-2013 (EDF10). EU funding aims to contribute to better democratic and financial governance in The Gambia. The focal... Learn More
Image of Institutional Capacity Building

Institutional Capacity Building

The Technical Cooperation Facility II, financed under the 10th European Development Fund (EDF) with a financial envelope of €5 million Euros (about 20 million GMD), is a continuation of a similar program that has been running since 2008. Its overall... Learn More
Image of Gambia Emergency Agricultural Production Project (GEAAP) – (Food Facility)

Gambia Emergency Agricultural Production Project (GEAAP) – (Food Facility)

The project, implemented through one single contribution agreement between the European Union and the World Bank to the tune of EUR 5.3 Million, aims at (i) providing inputs (improved seeds, fertilizer and small equipment) to smallholder farmers and farmer groups,... Learn More
Image of Drainage, Sanitation & Waste Management

Drainage, Sanitation & Waste Management

The proposed interventions of the Drainage, Sanitation & Waste Management project will focus on improving the drainage system, the rehabilitation of others and the creation of essential facilities such as new culverts, new Irish crossing, upgrade of fences, removal of... Learn More