Non-State Actors Strengthening Programme

Image of Non-State Actors Strengthening Programme

The Cotonou Agreement foresees an important role for civil society actors in national development processes across a broad range of policy areas, particularly in the fields of poverty reduction, sustainable development, human rights and good governance. This recognition was further strengthened during the most recent 2010 revision of the Agreement. In line with this commitment, the European Commission and the Gambian Government decided to allocate funds from the 9th EDF in support to Non State Actors Strengthening Programme [NSASP] in The Gambia. The grants were divided into ‘Lot 1: Governance and Democratisation’, and ‘Lot 2: Sustainable Livelihoods and Poverty Reduction’ in which 13 NSA’s benefitted. The implementation of Non-State Actors Strengthening Program in 2011 has made a positive impact on NGOs in The Gambia, enabling them to extend their valuable work to more communities, and to engage more effectively with the Government.

Title: Non-State Actors Strengthening Programme
Date: 18/01/2012
EU Contribution: €10,000,000.00 (100% of total)