Institutional Capacity Building

Image of Institutional Capacity Building

The Technical Cooperation Facility II, financed under the 10th European Development Fund (EDF) with a financial envelope of €5 million Euros (about 20 million GMD), is a continuation of a similar program that has been running since 2008. Its overall objective is to contribute to the effective implementation of development cooperation between The Gambia and the European Union. The focus of that cooperation is laid down in jointly-agreed documents which are aligned with The Gambia’s Development Strategy, the ultimate aim being to contribute to the alleviation of poverty. Concretely, the Facility should support, in all phases of the cycle of operations, the effective design, implementation and monitoring of projects and programmes funded under the aegis of the EDF and other EU funds. The Facility will also support awareness-raising activities, such as conferences and seminars on specific topics of interest to key development actors in The Gambia, so that they are better informed about development and trade-related issues and EU policies. Finally, looking forwards, the TCF II should support the preparation of the 11th EDF

Title: Institutional Capacity Building
Date: 29/01/2012
EU Contribution: €1,995,000.00 (100% of total)