The Framework of Cooperation between The Gambia and the European Union started in 1976.Today, the cooperation has been broadened to become a multi-sector development programme. In addition to the Central Government and public institutions, the cooperation now involves local government, the private sector, Civil Society Organisations as well as Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).The cooperation focuses on sectors that are of crucial importance to the socio-economic and political advancement of the Gambia.

Under the ACP- Cotonou Partnership Agreement, the National Authorising Officer Support Unit was established under the distinguished supervision of the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Finance & Economic Affairs who is also the National Authorising Officer (NAO) of the European Development Fund.

The National Authorising Officer Support Unit is mandated by the NAO to programme the usage of EDF resources through partnership in drafting National Indicative Programmes and in designing and formulating programmes and projects. It also coordinates the implementation of projects, monitor project implementation; render technical support to agencies implementing EDF funded projects, including advice on EU procedures. Furthermore, NAOSU interfaces between projects and stakeholders and is mandated to communicate and create visibility of projects and programmes funded by the EU in The Gambia. The Unit is made of a group of dynamic professionals with relevant knowledge, skills and experience required to support the NAO in carrying out his functions.

The support unit is mainly tasked with assisting the NAO in his capacity of project owner or contracting authority (shared with the EC/the EU Head of Delegation), coordinating EDF management through all concerned stakeholders, and providing them with advice in their capacity as project managers or supervisors. This typically falls under the “Cooperation and development” component of the Cotonou Partnership Agreement. The Head of NAOSU is occasionally involved in supporting the NAO with responsibilities related to the two other pillars, namely “Policy Dialogue” and “Economy and Trade”.

Our ultimate goal at the National Authorising Officer support Unit (NAOSU) is to successfully supervise, manage and implement the projects and programmes in The Gambia-EU Cooperation so as to meet the development aspirations of The Government and People of The Gambia as envisaged in the Programme for Accelerated Growth & Employment (PAGE), Vision 2020 and the Sustainable Development Goals.