Launching MDG 1c project


The European Union together with its development partners notably the Food and Agricultural Organisation, World Food Programme and the Government of The Gambia on 11 June launched the MDG 1c Project at Jarra Pakaliba School in the Lower River Region. The project is funded by the EU to the tune of €7.6 Million and is aimed at improving food security and reducing hunger in the intervention areas; thereby contributing to the Gambia’s achievement of MDG 1c. It has two components, the first is production enhancement under the responsibility of the FAO, ,focusing on rice and 8 major horticultural crops in the targeted areas. The second component is a school feeding programme and marketing, under the responsibility of the WFP which purpose is to supply nutritious food to over 42,000 school children and serve as a catalyst and an incentive to farmers, targeted by the first component, to produce large quantities to be sold directly to the school feeding programme.